Service Programs

CARO Music and Art School

CARO’s goal in providing Cambodian Cultural Dance & Cambodian Traditional Music lessons is to preserve, protect and promote Cambodian Cultural Dance & Cambodian Traditional Music by passing it on to the next generation. We want to expose our Cambodian traditional arts and their rich heritage to the world. We believe that learning Cambodian traditional arts, culture and heritage will inspire our next generation to better understand their cultural identity and to take pride in the rich and colorful history of their ancestors.

Adult Literacy

As the needs of the community grow, CARO want to develop innovative programs to serve the English Language Learners population so that they can become more independent and self-sufficient members of our community. We all know that language barriers are a major issue in the immigrant community; most of them have limited English proficiency in the foreign-born population of Massachusetts. CARO seeks to alleviate this barrier by offering adult literacy courses. In addition to literacy, students also learn job readiness and basic computer skills.
CARO ESL & Conversation Classes are designed to give students an understanding of the basics of the English language by focusing on improving reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. The goal of the entire program is to help speakers of other languages achieve a level of English proficiency that will enable them to function better in everyday living, entering a job training program, improve performance at their current jobs and/pursue other life goals. Cambodian people are encouraged to take ESL & Conversation classes. Registration is required.

After School Program

Provides after-school and/or summer activities for children and adolescents.

Civic Engagement

Cambodian Americans and other Asian Americans compose a significant portion of the Greater Fall River. CARO aims to empower the Cambodian-American by educating and encouraging civic engagement by assisting eligible voters with voter registration and educating the entire community about the importance of civic engagement by hold a non-partisan educational workshops, community outreach events, phone banking, door knocking, and other similar events to remind our community members regarding their voices’ significance because voting is the fabric of democracy. It is the only way to make our voices heard by voting for leaders who will work for you and with you to make our lives and our government better. Therefore, we continue to aggressively advocate voter’s registration throughout the community.

Naturalization & U.S. Citizenship Assistance

Nearly hundreds of Cambodian in Greater Fall River are eligible for citizenship yet, not all of hundred have the basic resources to apply. For many, the language barrier and the process itself build a gap between those who are eligible and those who have the resources to apply to be citizens of the United States of America. In order to address this issue, CARO want to assists community members through the naturalization process by determining eligibility and explaining the process step by step. Mock interviews are also given to prepare applicants for the immigration process. Through our Naturalization & U.S. Citizenship Assistance program, we help members apply for U.S. Citizenship. CARO’s Naturalization & U.S. Citizenship Assistance objective is to assist newly arrived immigrants and refugees in Fall River, Massachusetts who have difficulty interacting with businesses, government agencies, non-profits and individuals because they are not fluent in the English language. Completing forms and legal documents can be an issue when filing immigration related forms. The agency provides initial intake, counseling, and referrals to a few community-oriented attorneys if our client requires legal assistance. CARO also provides one-on-one citizenship test preparation services.

Senior Wellness Program

To provides unique programming and activities for Cambodian seniors who are isolated due to linguistic, financial, cultural and social barriers. The Program is designed to foster physical fitness, independence and social interaction. We want to offers a broad range of culturally sensitive and linguistically competent services that empower participants with the skills and resources to overcome language barriers, adjust to a new culture, cope with intergenerational changes, establish a social support network and increase their awareness and knowledge of community resources.

Voter Registration

Voting is the fabric of democracy. It is the only way to make our voices heard by voting for leaders who will work for you and with you to make our lives and our government better. Therefore, we continue to aggressively advocate voters registration throughout the community.