Fall River Cambodian Cultural Festival

10:00AM – 5:0PM (Setup 7:00AM)
July 30, 2016
JFK Kennedy Park
300 Bradford Ave, Fall River, MA 02721

Dear Booth Renter,

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to participate in our 1st Annual Fall River Cambodian Cultural Festival on Saturday July 30, 2016. We have a limited number of available booths and spaces available for Cambodian food, cultural displays, sale of artifacts, company promotions, etc.

If you would like to be a part of the Festival, please read ALL of the following guidelines. Submission of the booth registration form constitutes your agreement to adhere to the terms and conditions required for booth registration.


Please contact one of the committee below for additional information:

  • Ricky Tith (774) 955-4468
  • Sophia Hunt (774) 240-2786
  • Ronald Cabral (508) 324-5160

We look forward to getting acquainted with you and supporting your success.

Food Booth General Guidelines

1. GENERAL GUIDELINES: In order to ensure that everyone has a safe and beneficial experience at this event, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines as a booth renter.

  • City Merchandise & Food vending permits is not included. You can apply on your own or CARO will apply it for you with a $10.00 fee!
  • Alcoholic beverages are absolutely prohibited
  • Food booths must post a health permit
  • Please place all trash in the trash receptacles
  • Please break down all boxes and dispose properly
  • Follow further detailed instructions as provided by the city

2. SELECTION PROCESS: The Committee will consider vendors based upon the following criteria:

  • Local vendors versus out-of-town vendors (local vendors will be given preference)
  • Space availability
  • Type of artwork; original, hand-crafted works will be given preference

3. SPACE: Each vendor will be granted a set number of square feet in the Festival grounds. No additional tent space or canopies or grounds space on the Festival site will be allowed without prior written agreement with the Festival Committee. Vendors are responsible for their setup, including a tent not to exceed 10’x10’ for each single booth space. Tent weights are mandatory for all tents – we can provide information on where to rent weights if needed. The entire festival area is a non-smoking area; smoking is NOT allowed in any vendor space at any time.

4. BOOTH ASSIGNMENT: Booth assignments will be given on the first day of the Festival based on several factors such as:

  • categories
  • cost of the booth
  • contents
  • first come, first served principle

There will be no negotiation of space location once is giving to the vendor.

5. SIGNS: All signs and banners must be contained within the vendor’s allotted space in the Festival tents.

6. NO ELECTRICALLY LIT SIGNS WILL BE ALLOWED: All signage must be neatly displayed and maintained.

7. BOOTH DESCRIPTIONS: All booths are OUTSIDE with most spaces measuring approximately 10’x10′. You must keep all of your items for sale within the measured confines of your booth.

8. BOOTH SETUP AND REMOVAL: Booth set-up must be completed between the hours of 7:00 AM – 9:00 AM on July 30, 2016. All booths must be staffed at all hours during the festival to avoid the forfeit of the deposit.


  • Sale of alcoholic beverages
  • Sexually oriented displays or materials
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Items not suitable for a cultural festival

10. TRASH AND REFUSE: Vendors must dispose of all trash in the dumpster provided by the Festival. Recyclable
materials must be placed in the appropriate locations designated by the Festival. Vendors are expected to clean up their area regularly during the Festival and thoroughly at the closing of the Festival. Vendors are encouraged to minimize packaging.

11. LIABILITY AND INDEMNIFICATION: Each vendor accepts full responsibility for all liability for damages to persons or property arising out of its use and occupancy of the Festival site and further understands that the site is the property of the City of Fall River City and that neither the City, the Fall River City Parks and Cambodian American rescue Organization, Inc. assumes any responsibility for damages or losses that may occur to the vendor, its employees, agents or property by reason of such occupancy.

Registration and Payment: Please complete the booth reservation form and send it to Cambodian American Rescue Organization, Inc. with your booth rental fee. DO NOT SEND CASH IN BY MAIL. The following criteria must be met for your application to be complete.

Payment in full is required in advance

You must list ALL the items that will be sold, displayed, or handed out.
Checks received the week of the event will be declined and only cashier’s checks and/or money orders will be accepted.
Failure to meet these criteria will result in an incomplete registration and/or forfeiture of your booth rental.