Southeast Asian Cultural Festival 2018

The Festival Remark

Theme: United
Date: Saturday, September 08, 2018
Location: Waterfront Park, Fall River, MA

Welcome to Fall River!

On behalf of the great State of Commonwealth Massachusetts and the wonderful people who call it home, I want to extend our warmest greetings and welcome those from near and far to Southeast Asian Cultural Festival, here in Fall River, Massachusetts. I encourage you to make yourself right at home because you’re part of the family.

In what seems like just a blink of an eye, Festival offers the perfect opportunity for you to experience the very best of Southeast Asian unique culture. Great music, delicious food and beautiful cultural performance will allow you to soak in our rich history. More than anything else, however, Southeast Asian Cultural Festival is a celebration of life. Joy of living, the joy of living, is something every person can embrace. With so much attention today focused on the things that separate us, our festival is an affirmation of elements which bind us together in a common quest to enjoy living.

As President of Cambodian American Rescue Organization, Inc., my duties are ongoing throughout the year. They include overseeing a Board of Directors, an enthusiastic staff who all devotes themselves unselfishly to making this event happen. No event of this magnitude can be accomplished without teamwork, and our team is one that makes every working day a pleasure. Their importance to this festival cannot be overstated.

I know, however, we would all agree that those who attend our annually festival each year are the reason we devote ourselves to making it happen. My favorite part of festival is to look out over the crowd and see people engaged in the joy of living. I see them caught up in something bigger than the struggles we all face on a daily basis. No matter where you’re from or where you’re headed, for the day of Festival, Fall River is home. We value a time to pause and focus on the small comforts afforded by good music, good food, good friends and good times. In so doing, we strengthen the threads which connect us in this wonderful tapestry of cultures called the human race.

Lastly, it takes a great amount of effort to make our festival possible each year and so I deeply want to thank all our volunteers for their dedication and time in making this a wonderful and memorable annual event. To all our guests, our sponsors, and long-time supporters in the Fall River community, thank you for your continued support!

From my family to yours, welcome to Southeast Asian Cultural Festival. Let the good times roll!


Ricky Tith- President of the Cambodian American Rescue Organization of Fall River, Massachusetts.