Cultural Festival 2018

The Fall River Cambodian Cultural Festival

Theme: United
Date: July 28, 2018
Location: Waterfront Park, Fall River, MA

Hello everyone, on behalf of CARO and Khmer Fall River. We welcome you to the 2017 Fall River Cambodian Cultural Festival!

The Fall River Cambodian Cultural Festival, which celebrates its 2nd. anniversary this year, is a significant event that boasts years of tradition and is aiming to be one of the largest gatherings among Cambodian communities in the Tri-State Area.

Every year, we successfully endeavor in further challenging to develop the festival and enhance the festival experience. Moreover, we promise that in 2017 our foundation will create a new chapter in history as a representative non-profit organization dedicated to serving the Cambodian community.

The 2nd. Annual Fall River Cambodian Cultural Festival taking place on Saturday, August 5th. will be celebrating the theme of “រួបរួម, United”, thus it will consist of unique programs and various performances that hope to spread awareness of Cambodian beauty and traditional culture throughout the city of Fall River which is composed of numerous diverse ethnicity, thereby ultimately harmonizing the energy of all peoples.

The Fall River Cambodian Cultural Festival continues to this day through the endless patronage and generous support of all participating businesses, groups, and festival attendees. We are always deeply thankful and ask for your participation and interest in the 2nd. Annual Fall River Cambodian Cultural Festival taking place this year.

Thank you for your support!

With gratitude,
The President, Board, and Volunteers of the Cambodian American Rescue Organization of Fall River, Massachusetts.