CARO Dance Troupe

Welcome to a Cambodian Classical Dance program by Cambodian American Rescue Organization. (CARO)

When: Every Saturday (Date subject to change)

Time: 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. (Hours subject to change)

Location:169 Wamsutta Street, Fall River, MA. 02723 (Location subject to change)

Mission: The mission of the Cambodian American Rescue Organization, Inc. (CARO) Cambodian dance program is to instill pride and appreciation of Cambodian heritage. Additionally to engage youth in activities that promote learning through Cambodian dancing that builds friendship, communication, Teamwork, Confidence, and Fundamental.

Dance Class Structure: Folk Dances / Classical Royal Court Dances / Social Dances.

  • Students begin class with a Cambodian greeting (Som-peah Nek Guru)
  • Students will be dressed in their costume (kben and fitting blouse) during class.
  • Students stretch
  • Students will learn hand gesture and the symbolism behind each through basic warm up exercises and dances that serve as the foundation for Cambodian dance.
  • Students learn dance steps
  • Students take a break
  • Students end class with a Cambodian farewell (Som-peah Nek Guru)

*Students learn Cambodian history and the meaning of dance movements, infused throughout lesson

Student Classroom Rules:

  • Listen carefully and follow directions
  • Use kind words and actions
  • Take care of yourself, others, and help maintain the dance class for good health.
  • Maintain a positive attitude by setting a lead of example
  • Always do your best because there is no such thing I cannot do.

Student and Parent Responsibilities:

  • Make sure that your child comes to Dance Class on time.
  • Serve as a role model by attending and supporting the dance class activities.
  • Pay attention to classroom rules.
  • Bring snacks for your child.

Instructors’ Responsibilities

  • Provide a nurturing learning environment
  • Teach and provide constructive feedback
  • Be patient

Enrollment for the Cambodian Cultural Dance & Cambodian Traditional Music lessons is now open and free of charge. However, we will accept donations. All proceeds from donations will be used as a stipend for the instructor in appreciation for his/her hard work, dance outfits, and student activities.

The dances for this season:

    1. Youngsters – បុប្ផាលោកិយ ( Bopha Lokey – Flower of the World Dance)
    1. Intermediate – ទិវារប្រពៃ ( Tivea Proprey – Flower Blessing Dance)
    1. Intermediate – មេអំបៅ (Ma Ambeo – Dance of the Butterflies)
    1. Junior Artist –  របាំជូនពរ (Jun Por – Blessing Dance)
    1. Junior Artist –  នារីជាជួរ (Neary Chea Chuor – Girls in Line)
  1. Principal –  គោះត្រលោក (Coconut Dance)

Thank you for helping us to keep our traditional alive. . .

Program Manager: Mr. Ricky Tith

For more information contact us by phone or e-mail: (508) 642-4267 /

Classes meet on (EVERY) Saturday, from 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm at

169 Wamsutta Street., Fall River, Massachusetts 02723

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