About The Logo

THE DETAILS IN CREATING THE LOGO: This logo that we have created, had utilized essential elements in order to define the Cambodian American Rescue Organization, Inc. As a people, we needed a logo in order to give a representation of us to get recognition, also known as CARO, INC. Let us dismantle the logo into logic.

Cambodian people are usually recognized by a specific architecture in their country, the Angkor Wat, which also does appear as a design element on Cambodia’s international flag. The Angkor Wat temple depicted here in the logo above was to be used as a representation of the word “CAMBODIAN,” the first word in the organization’s title. It is a well renown structure to define Cambodian as a people as well.

American people are usually recognized by their national flag, the American flag, which contains fifty white stars to represent unity by all states within one nation, The United States of America. The twelve white stars utilized in the logo above was to signify this unity between Cambodians and Americans and a diverse population here in America. As a mutual, common and international dialogue, the composition of TIME, like each hour on the clock gave us a form of unity like the way we composed the twelve white stars. This was to create a circle in order to give the logo a uniformed appearance. We utilized the bald eagle, America’s national bird, up above in order to define AMERICAN RESCUE. The bald eagle, being symbolic as an emblem on police badges and many seals of America’s defense line is why we utilized it in this logo as well, in order to give a sense of help or rescue. The stars and eagle are combined in the logo above is to help others perceive us as the American people we are, as well, and to express the image that we too can become American citizens.

OUR MOTTO: Serving Our Community.

The CAMBODIAN AMERICAN RESCUE ORGANIZATION, INCORPORATED, also known as CARO, INC. was established in the year 2014.

  1. CAMBODIA= Angkor Wat
  2. AMERICAN= Eagle and stars

  3. RESCUE= Eagle and time

4. ORGANIZATION, INC.= The composition of twelve stars united into a circle.